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Crypto Signals Telegram

Feb 10

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The name says it all and it all sounds quite logical. Buy cheap and sell high. To realize this, it is advisable to keep an eye on the chart of the price. In this chart you can constantly check the status of the relevant price. If, for example, the coin is on a very high score, it is therefore not a time to step in. It is better to wait for a dip to occur.

Consult the agenda & roadmap
Normally every crypto coin has its white paper and road paper. This contains both the short and long-term plans of the cryptocurrency. In this way you can invest in the plans in a targeted manner. This way you can try to determine what important moments will be for the currency in question. A good time to get in is, for example, if an important moment is coming for your coin within a period of a number of weeks or months.

Determine the value of your cryptocurrency
Although the value of cryptocurrency is partly speculation, you can include it when purchasing your crypto coins. By carefully researching the values ​​of coins, you can try to estimate what the purchase of a certain crypto currency may bring you in the future.
The above tips are advisable to include in the purchase process of a crypto coin. Apart from the above points, you should logically also take your personal situation into account.

When to sell?
After you have invested in cryptocurrency, you are of course curious when you can start selling your investment. You logically wish to do this only as soon as it will generate a profit for you. That is why we now focus on moments when it is best to sell your cryptocurrency. It immediately becomes clear that profit is not always a guarantee. In some cases, it is wise to sell your cryptocurrency in the event of a crash. If a crash occurs, there is a drastic drop in your investment. If you wait too long, your entire investment may be gone.

If there is no crash and everything goes according to plan, you can agree with yourself that you will start selling cryptocurrency as soon as you have managed to achieve a certain return. You can also determine this return for yourself before you decide to invest in cryptocurrency.