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What can I do to determine that my solar panels are in good working order?

Jul 24

You would like your solar panel system to function at its best, whether you're thinking about or recently installed them. If you are like most people, then you're not aware of how to check if your panels are functioning correctly. In this article we'll explain how to tell whether the solar panels you have installed are working correctly and what you can do if they're not.

How Do I Check If My Solar Panels Are Working Properly

Although solar panels don't require any maintenance, there are ways you can follow to ensure they're functioning. Here are five simple methods to determine if your solar panels are in good shape and running at maximum efficiency. Advosy Energy will be the most suitable choice for you all the way to pick up effeciently.

Make sure you check the Inverter

Inverters are what people call the "brains of the solar system". It's the part that transforms direct current (DC) energy into alternating current (AC) electricity that homes can benefit from. There are two main types of inverters: string inverters as well as micro-inverters. To determine which one you are using, contact the solar provider in your area. In contrast, micro-inverters are usually very tiny and are attached to the backside of solar panels. String inverters are located in a different place and are larger.

Inverters come with indicators that show how it is performing. Advosy Energy Az's solar installer should be contacted when you notice an orange or red light.

Monitor Production

It is also possible to see how much energy your solar system produces to determine if it is operating correctly. What can I do to find out how much power my panels are producing? You can keep track of the power output of your solar system by using an app or solar meter. Whatever way you choose to monitor your solar system, you'll want to monitor the number of kilowatt hours. The solar panel is performing well if the kilowatt hours are growing. If it's not increasing it's a good idea to reach out to your solar energy provider in California sooner rather and not later.

Check the Weather

Weather is one of the most important factors that impact how much solar power your panels are able to generate. You won't know whether your panels are operating in a proper manner if it rains or snow. If the output of your panels is lower, check the weather conditions to determine if that might be the culprit. If you live in a dark area but the good news is that you still can generate enough solar power from your panels. It's all about how much power your system produces over an entire year. Additionally your solar panels could experience partial shading in the daytime due to the growth of trees and new construction which can result in them not performing as well as they should. To ensure optimal performance, you must check with your solar provider.

Be aware of your electric Bill

Another way to verify whether your system is operating well is to examine your electric bill. The electric bill will decrease when your solar panels are operating properly. Electric bills do fluctuate depending on the day-to-day production of the solar panels, but over time, you should be paying less to your electricity provider. The solar panels may not be producing as they should when your electric bill is too high. It is best to contact your installer right away.

Contact Your Solar Company

You can reach your solar company should you have questions regarding how your panels are performing. The California solar panel firms have experts who can diagnose and resolve any issues that your solar panels may have.

What to do if they Aren't Working

What should you do if your panels cease to function? There are a few solutions to consider if you find something wrong:

Verify the switches on the breaker.

You can try to turn it on and off again, just like with computers or phones. Solar panels can perform a similar trick by checking the breaker switches then turning them off and off.

Clear Debris

Find out if something is that is covering your solar panels, and take it off. Sometimes, fallen leaves can be the cause, and sweeping off the leaves can help boost your solar energy production.

Contact your local solar provider

If you're asking, "Why are my solar panels not working?" we're here to help. We at 8MSolar will check your new solar system and help you determine the cause. We also offer a 25 year guarantee that will make sure your system is running for the first time in the 25 years you have solar panels.

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